Vikings win against Ooks!

Augustana Vikings face off against the Nait Ooks at the Vikings Home Gym. The crowd was full and the players were ready for jump ball at 6 pm. Great hustle from both teams started the game off strong. 


With 3 minutes left of the 3rd and the score 15-11 for the Vikings, the game could go both ways. Head Coach of the Ooks, Todd Warnick, and Head Coach of the Vikings, John Dedrick,  shouted encouragement to their teams from the sidelines. Vikings #12 Okome made a basket bringing the already high momentum, higher. Ooks #5 McDougall, #4 Hulburt stopped a fast break earning the possession with only a two-point gap and less than 30 seconds left of the first. The first quarter finishes with a score of 20 - 18 for the Vikings. 


After pep talks from Head Coaches, both teams step it up determined to be the team that is ahead at half time. The score is tied with a score of 32 - 32. Vikings #15 Mitchell with a made layup and a foul shot opportunity. Vikings Head Coach, Dedrick calls a time out only up by 2 points with a score of 34 - 32. Nait Ooks put their best efforts in but are unable to catch back up by half time. The score at the end of half time is 38 - 32.  


The Nait Ooks have possession starting the second half of the game. Ooks #12 Emmerson makes two free throw shots. Ooks Head Coach Warnick calls a time out during the 3rd to regroup his players. The score at the end of the 3rd was 47 - 41 for the Vikings. 


Fans are on the edge of their seats as they await the games' final result. The Nait Ooks fans cheer as #4 Hurlburt scores a 3 pointer. Despite the Ook's best efforts, they are unable to catch up. The game result ends with a score of 63 - 57 for the Vikings. 


Player of the Game was awarded to Ooks #4 Sydney Hurlburt and Vikings #15 Hannah Mitchell.