Broncos put a damper on Ambrose Kickoff


Despite a home crowd of over 400 excited fans, it was the Olds Broncos that came out on top in Ambrose's second ever ACAC home opener. 

The first chance of the game did happen to come from the Ambrose lions as break up the field lead by the speedy Kaitlin Maehara was able to put pressure on the Olds Broncos defensive unit, but did not end with a strong attempt on goal. 

The Broncos quickly pushed back, from the momentum the Lions gained thanks to a boisterous crowd and had plenty of attempts on goal themselves in the first half.  Multiple corner kicks from Paige Whitehead put the Broncos in a great position to score nearing the 30th minute didn't result in a goal, however Jayna Espie-Sanderson was able to score the first of the game after a furry of chances in the 38th minute.  From there it didn't take long for Olds to get both their second and 3rd goals as #9 Felicia Rodney and #2 Sydnee Schlamp both scored before the halftime whistle sounded.

The 2nd half was much of the same.  Olds pinned the Lions deep in their own territory and Ambrose had trouble breaking free from such pressure.  In the end, #9 Felicia Rodney added one more goal in the 68th minute for a final score of Olds Broncos 4, Ambrose Lions 0.