WSOC | Kodiaks kick off their home opener with a win!

WSOC | Kodiaks kick off their home opener with a win!

Sept. 7, 2019 - The Lethbridge College Kodiaks hosted the Augustana Vikings to debut their season. 


Nerves set in for the Kodiaks in the first ten minutes of the match as the Vikings quickly took control and set themselves apart from Lethbridge with a one goal lead. Jessica Lalonde of Augustana received a pass from her teammate Emily Mason in the 18 yard box and slipped it past Kodiaks goalkeeper Paige Gattafoni to give them the lead throughout the first half. 


The Kodiaks quickly regrouped as they began to keep more possession of the ball and started to get some shots on net. Lethbridge fans were kept on their toes as Ashley Sazalski flew by her defender onto the pass of Haylie Shoults where she was left on a 1-on-1 with Augustana goalkeeper, however Sazalski just missed by inches on the left side. 


Lethbridge continued to pour on the pressure in the first half looking to tie it when Shoults shot from the top of the box and just hit the cross bar. In addition, another great opportunity was created by the Kodiaks in the 31st minute as Ashley Sazalski shot point blank at the Augustana keeper, Cassidy Newcombe, however she had other plans as she saved the shot and sent the ball out for a corner kick. After a possession dominant half by the Kodiaks, the score remained 1-0 for the Augustana Vikings.


In the second half, Olivia DePasquale of Lethbridge set up a beautiful pass to Haylie Shoults after winding her way through the Vikings defenders. This play led to Shoults striking a gorgeous shot onto Necombe which she was able to get a piece of but ultimately, Haylie's shot was too powerful and found the back of the net. Following Shoults lead, Brooklyn Bellevance tucked in a second goal to secure a win.


The Lethbridge College Kodiaks host the Red Deer Queens tomorrow at noon. Join us for more soccer action as the Kodiaks look to gain six points this weekend.


Players Of The Game:

Vikings: #02 Cari Kilmartin

Kodiaks: #17 Haylie Shoults