Rustlers Fall to Hungry Wolves

The Rustlers played there first double home this weekend taking on the GPRC Wolves. The wolves came out hot scoring in the first 20 minutes giving them a 1-0 lead two minutes later the Rustlers would let another goal by on a sharp shot by Madi Gillespie, The wolves would keep the pressure on for most of the half as Rustlers struggled to get things going at the end of the first half the rustlers were trailing 3-0. The rustlers came out strong in the second half stretching the field out which allowed Davis Bone and Sarah costa to use their speed to open up some opportunities. A collision between GPRC goalie Michelle Broduer and Rustlers Davis Bone would force GPRC to Put in #8 Jayden Demchuk. Costa #7 would eventually put away a strong ball that would end up beating the keeper.

Players Of the Game
#5 Emma Close
#7 Sarah Costa