Rattlers and Broncos tie

From falling snow, to sunny skies, a week went by and the Medicine Hat Soccer Pitch transformed from a barren wasteland to a beautiful oasis for the match between the Medicine Hat College Rattlers and the Olds Broncos. With the southwest corner of the province still blanketed in snow the Medicine Hat had a clear pitch with the sun shining. The Game opened with both teams winning corner kicks within the first 5 minutes. An aggressive pace saw the teams pushing forward quickly and often. With the first 5 minutes off the clock, the teams seemed to settle into a more controlled game. The Rattlers were able to hem the broncos in their own end, but were unable to break down the Broncos final line of defense. After a quick transition attack the Broncos won a free kick deep in the Rattlers end. Rattlers Keeper Amanda Overing easily handled the poor attempt at a cross. The Home side continued to control the play keeping the ball in the Olds end preventing the Broncos from gaining any momentum. The Broncos seemed to wake up a little more and the game moved from the Olds end more to the midfield. Both sides started to break through with long runs, but neither was able to generate solid scoring chances. With 10 minutes remaining in the half, the Rattlers strung together a few scoring chances, the best of which coming off Grace Porter's foot off an Aleena Matthews cross. As the game neared half, the game started to slow down a bit, this seemed to be due to both teams looking forward to half. As the half ended in a scoreless tie.

The second half started with more intensity than the first half ended. The Broncos came out of the gate applying pressure on the ball and forcing the play into the Rattlers end. This time it was the Rattlers trying to counter by sending one or two faster forwards downfield with the ball. Able to push forward from her back line, Jadyn Fode came close with a ball just sneaking over the bar. As the Half passed 10 minutes, the Rattlers dominated both shots on goal and time of possession, but the scoreboard still read zeros. The Rattlers used their momentum to again start to dominate the game, hemming the Broncos deep in their end. This resulted in a few glorious chances again. Grace Porter hammered a cross from Aleena Mathews again but again came up empty handed on a great save from Bronco Jewels Hallock. As the clock wound down to zeros neither team was able to break through and score resulting in a zero zero tie.

The ACAC Players of the game were Emma Hatcher for Olds and Aleena Mathews for Medicine Hat.