Kings Roll Through Clippers winning the ACAC WVB Championship in 3 Sets

The Gold medal game saw the #1 seed in the south take on the #1 seed in the north.  The heavy hitters definitely came to play in the 1st set of the Gold medal game.  Bontkes showed here true colors once again picking up 6 kills while not making an attack error.  Warchola for the kings had another 4 as the Kings just took the first set 25-23.  Becky Garner had 7 herself in the first set.  The set went back and forth, neither team taking much of a lead at all.

The 2nd start started just like the first, huge swings from both teams forced the backrow players to be sharp.  Both of these teams can easily turn a bad pass into points, so it all came down to, which backrow unit could keep the ball off the floor when under duress.   Midway through the 2nd set, Briercrest struggled matching the pure power of Kings.  Jada Lea kept getter the ball to her attackers in prime spots and they were not making any mistakes.  The Eagles pulled away going up 14-5.  Briercrest couldn't stop the Kings momentum and ended up winning the set 25-15.

In the 3rd Kings pulled out to an early lead again going up 11-4.  Briercrest had to start relying on tips are rolls to the back corner as the block for the Kings Eagles was very strong in this match. Briercrest went on a run to get the game back within 1 as the score was 13-14 when TKU called a timeout.  Although Briercrest put up a fight, the Eagles were too strong today winning in 3 sets and claiming the ACAC Women's Volleyball Championship.