Vikings take on the Huskies

Vikings take on the huskies in the first game of two home games.

The Vikings took the win of the first of two home games against the Keyano Huskies. 

The first set was a close one that keep fans on the edge of their seats, going point for point, neither team backing down. This set ultimately ended with the Vikings taking the win at a score of 25 - 21. The second set, the Vikings were on fire, continuing on the high of the win of the first set. It ended with a score of 25 - 13. Just when the home team fans fans thought that Vikings were going to take the win, Keyano brought on their A-game and won the third set with a score of 25 - 21. Feeling the heat, the Vikings and Huskies played even harder, leaving fans restless for the end results. The Vikings took the win with a score of 25 - 18.

Ultimately the Vikings won the game with 3 sets to 1.


Player of the game for the visiting Keyano Huskies was number 13, libero, Raisa Stokes. For the home team, captain of the Vikings, number 13, Rae Metrunec.