WVB | Kodiaks Fall to Lions on the Last Home Game of 2019

WVB | Kodiaks Fall to Lions on the Last Home Game of 2019

Nov. 29, 2019- The Lethbridge College Kodiaks women's team would love to wrap up 2019 by playing spoiler against the Ambrose Lions. Lethbridge has lost six straight matches and face a Lions team that is riding a four-game win streak. The Lions have won twelve straight sets during their win streak. They are in third place in the ACAC south division, six points out of first and two points back of second place.

Kylie Morrison, from the Kodiaks achieved the first point of the game with a beautiful swing from the left, demonstrating her dominance on the court. However, the Lions were quick on their feet, prepared to take momentum of the set. The Lions achieved the energy needed to take the lead. Nevertheless, the Kodiaks were right on their trail, but it was not enough to stop the Lions as they won the set with a close score of 25-23.

The Kodiaks finally gained the momentum they were looking for with a comfortable six-point gap. This momentum was necessary to get in the Lions heads and put them off their game. The Lions left side, Julia Kemper attempted to carry her team by attaining 3 kills, however it was unsuccessful as the Kodiaks let nothing get to them, successfully achieving their first win of the night with a score of 25-18.

The Lions were eager to take back control of the game as they increased their intensity and spirit on the court. The Kodiaks were unable to advance their win from set two, as the Lions proceeded to gain points on the Kodiaks. The Lions middle, Willow Lewington was an offensive force on the court as she attained three kills, being an essential piece to carry out their second win of the night with a score of 25-14.

The Kodiaks were not giving Lions an easy win, as they knew if they lost this set it would be their seventh game lost in a row. However, the Lions were determined not to lose this game as, they put in all their effort possible to pull out a win. They achieved an immense lead, making it almost impossible for the Kodiaks to regain control. The Lions carried out the final set flawlessly, attaining them a final score of 25-14.


Player of the Game:

Lions: #09 Ali Leskow

Kodiaks: #05 Mack Lewicki