Trojans Win in 5 sets to Sweep Weekend over Rattlers

The SAIT Trojans headed south to visit the Medicine Hat College Rattlers for the second half of a home and home. The Trojans won in 3 sets the night before so the Rattlers hoped to return the favor at home. Medicine Hat Opened up with 2 quick points and went up 2-0 quickly. SAIT responded to even up the first set at 3. From here the teams started to trade side-outs as the score slowly worked its way up. The score remained knotted at 9 as the set moved into the middle portion. As the teams both hit 13 points, neither team had really stolen any momentum or built any kind of lead. The Trojans opened up a 2-point lead at 19-17 and held an advantage late in the first set. The teams traded side-outs as the score worked its way close to the end. The Trojans went up 23-20 late and forced the Rattlers to take a timeout. The Trojans came out of the break with an ace and a chance to serve for the set. SAIT took the first set 25-20 with a final ace.

The second set started with the Rattlers scoring 3 straight with the help of a Tamara Barth Ace. The Home side continued to add to their lead, going up 5-1 early. they added another point on a long rally due to a Trojans error. The teams traded side-outs and the Rattlers were ahead 9-2 after another ace. The Rattlers had built a solid cushion and looked to take advantage of the early lead. with the score 14-5 Rattlers, the Trojans took a timeout. Out of the break the Rattlers scored again twice quickly to increase the lead to double digits. The Trojans went on a bit of a run and was able to chip away at the Rattlers lead, but only a little as the Rattlers still doubled the Trojans 18-9. SAIT scored the next 2 and the Rattlers responded with 2 of their own. With the Rattlers lead back to 10, 21-11, the Trojans took their second timeout of the set. the Rattlers Cruised through the end of the second set and won 25-12 evening the match at one set each.

The teams opened up the third set with a back and forth exchange for the first 2 points. Medicine Hat scored 3 to open a 5-2 lead before SAIT responded. From here Medicine Hat extended their lead to 6, up 10-4. SAIT responded but could only score one before Medicine Hat answered. The teams traded side-outs as the score passed the midway point with the Rattlers lead unchanged. The scoreboard read 15-7 after a run of 3 from Medicine Hat. With a 4th point with Megan Hoeber serving, the Trojans took their first timeout. Coming out of the break, Hoeber served another ace to increase the lead to 10, 17-7. From here the teams traded side-outs as the Rattlers passed 20 points with the Trojans at 11. The teams again traded side-outs and Medicine Hat was up 23-13 when the Trojans took their second timeout. this did not help as the Rattlers scored 2 straight and won 25-13 taking a 2-1 set lead.

The Fourth set started with a quick point off the serve from the Rattlers before the Trojans matched right away. From here the teams traded side-outs for the next few points. The teams remained almost deadlocked as the score worked its way up. The Trojans opened up a small advantage as the set passed halfway and lead 17-13, forcing the Rattlers to take a timeout. the Rattlers scored 2 straight coming out of the timeout to reduce the deficit to 2. From here the Trojans scored again trading side-outs with Medicine Hat. SAIT led 21-18 forming the Rattlers to take their second timeout. the Rattlers came back to 2 behind, 21-23. Not wanting to lose this crucial 4th set, SAIT took their first timeout. SAIT scored the final 2 points and won 25-21 forcing a 5th set.

The 5th set opened with the teams trading side-outs until the Rattlers made a block and opened up a small advantage. They grew this to 8-4 at the court switch and held an advantage. From here SAIT started the comeback. The Trojans went up after tying the set at 8 and took a 12-10 lead late into the set. SAIT scored again to take a 3 point lead very late. The Rattlers battled back to trail by 1, 12-13 forcing SAIT to take a timeout. The Trojans had a chance to serve for the win and only needed one try to do so, winning 15-12 and 3 sets to 2 completing the comeback.