5 sets 2 Nights in a Row Exhausts Kodiaks and Rattlers

The Lethbridge Kodiaks headed East to Medicine Hat to take on their Highway 3 Rival Rattlers. The Kodiaks were able to come back from down 2 sets the night before to take a 5 set victory. Hoping to avenge their loss, the Rattlers looked to home court advantage to even the weekend series. The first part of the first set was uneventful with the teams simply trading side-outs and points as the score climbed up. The score was knotted at 10 with both teams giving up points on costly errors. The Kodiaks were able to create a small 2 point lead that was quickly erased by the Rattlers only to be given up again. The Kodiaks were able to open up an 18-14 lead with the help of too many unforced Rattler errors. The Kodiaks continued to hold their lead, answering every Rattlers advance. Despite this the score was still close late with the Kodiaks up 22-20. They were able to cruise to a 25-21 set win to take the first set.

The second set opened with the Kodiaks able to take an early lead. The Rattlers were able to battle back with the help of a Brooke Christie serving streak and able to open up a 12-10 lead over the Kodiaks. The back and forth game opened up once again as the teams traded serves and side-outs. The Kodaks were able to battle back to take a 2 point lead, up 18-16 as the set entered the late stages. The Kodiaks Jamie Brown was having a great game offensively for the Kodiaks converting a high percentage of her attacks and maintain the Kodiak advantage. Down 22-18 The Rattlers took their second timeout in an effort to get back in the set late. The Rattlers battled back to 23-24 and then took the next 3 points to take a 26-24 second set victory tying the match one set each

The Third set opened with the same close play on both sides of the net, each team playing much cleaner volleyball. The Rattlers were able to open up a nice 3 point lead with some solid defensive play, leading 9-7. The Kodiaks came back scoring 2 straight and reducing the deficit to 1. The back and forth nature of the two teams was evident throughout the set, but the Kodiaks found themselves up 18-16 late in the set. The Rattlers scored to bring the deficit to one, but allowed the Kodiaks to keep advantage on the next serve. The teams remained close all the way to the end, tying the set at 24, needing extra points. The Kodiaks came out on top 28-26 taking a 2 sets to 1 lead.

The fourth set opened with the Kodiaks taking a quick 2-0 lead right off the bat before the Rattlers could answer. The Rattlers rallied to tie it at 2 before the teams again settled into trading side-outs and serves once again. The teams traded winning long arduous rallies and neither were able to utilize these to gain an advantage. The Kodiaks were able to jump on the back of Claire Armstrong who served 4 straight to open up a 4 point lead. The Rattlers were able to come back and tie the set at 13 before the Kodiaks again took a small 2 point lead. Again the Rattlers erased this and tied the set up at 15. Maintaining their momentum the Rattlers opened up an 18-16 lead forcing the Kodiaks to take a timeout. The Rattlers came out of the break to serve 2 aces in a row from Amber Stigter to open up a 20-16 lead. The Kodiaks came back into striking distance, but the Rattlers turned it up again and were able to cruise to a 25-19 4th set victory.

The Kodiaks opened up the 5th set serving for an ace to open the set. The Rattlers responded with a point of their own followed up with an ace of their own. This was short lived as the Kodiaks jumped out to a 7-3 lead. The Rattlers started to chip away but it was late in the short set to do so. The Kodiaks extended their lead to 10-5 taking a firm control in the third set. Medicine Hat started to battle back, cutting the Kodiak lead to 2 as the set neared the end. Lethbridge held a 13-10 lead with the serve, looking to put the match away. The Kodiaks ended the match winning 15-10 taking a 3 sets to 2 victory.

The ACAC Players of the game were Johanna Dixon from Lethbridge and Amber Stigter from Medicine Hat