Broncos Fight Hard vs. RDC Queens well fought loss

Broncos Fight Hard vs. RDC Queens well fought loss

The Olds College Broncos Women's volleyball team lost to the Red Deer Queens 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-14) in the Make Some Noise for Mental Health Game Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Ralph Klein Centre.

The Queens started off the game strong by being focused from the start and putting the ball into dangerous areas from the get go. After the first couple of points the Broncos woke up and started to show their skill and spirit. Even on the passes that were too difficult to control they were putting them up to places where their teammates could get them. The key for the Broncos was going to be to continue defend against the Red Deer attacks as they have some powerful hitters and servers. The Queens started to pull away from the Broncos a few minutes into the game and forcing the Broncos to call a timeout at 11-6 for the Rattlers. This timeout definitely helped the Broncos re-focus as they came out and put up three unanswered points to bring the game almost level again. Red Deer would eventually raise the deficit to five again as Olds was suffering from violations and mental errors more than the other team outright beating them. Tabitha Martin seemed to be the most consistent offensively putting in some kills throughout the set but really letting the Queens feel her power through some fiery serves that the Red Deer players managed to return a couple of before she was rotated out. With the last couple of points the Red Deer Queens closed out the Broncos 25-19.

The second set had a very similar start as the first, with the Queens taking the lead immediately but the Broncos were able to figure out their movements and rhythm and tied the game up at four. The Queens started to play a little bit harder at this point hustling for every point and tip they could and really try to solidify a lead. This would continue until the Red Deer squad was up 19-11, and Olds started to show them this wasn't going to be an easy game. Their reply consisted of four unanswered points which forced the Queens to call their first timeout. After the break the Queens started to push towards the 25 they needed to continue the shutout, but the Broncos were very close behind with a score of 23-19 when the Broncos called their second timeout of the set. The Queens would go on to finish the set 25-20 in a well-fought set all around.

The Broncos were definitely starting the set more aggressively than the previous two putting in some longer gritty rallies at the start and giving nothing easy to the Queens. The score always within a couple points during the opening rallies but the Broncos called a timeout when the score reached 11-6. Olds was quick to answer after their timeout as Tabitha Martin and Janeen Pellatt both put down some commanding hits during their first defensive possessions. The Broncos had quickly shortened the lead to two within the first two minutes but the Queens weren't ready to give the set up easily as they continued with their solid passing and forced the Broncos to call their second timeout as the Queens were at a somewhat comfortable 17-11. Again the Broncos started off quick scoring a hit down the middle the first time they touched the ball. The Broncos would call again for Shayla Derko and a couple other subs to make an impact late into the game to see if they could bring the set back. It wasn't enough however as the Queens would finish the game 25-14 but with the Broncos just letting up a bit at the end as their first two sets were quite strong and could've gone either way.

Player of the Game for Red Deer was Tess Pearman with 12 kills and  1 ace and your Broncos Pit Barbeque Player of the Game with 2 kills 28 assists, 2 aces, and 2 blocks was Avery Gammel.

The leaders for the game for kills was the Tabitha Martin with 10 and RDC's Tess Pearman with 12. Assists was 28 on both sides from Avery Gammel on the Broncos and Emma Letkeman from RDC. Digs was eight for the RDC Queens from Kaylee Domoney and 13 from Francesca Sandini.

The Broncos led the game in in digs 50-26 and assists 31-30, while RDC held the edge in kills 34-31, aces 7-5 and blocks 8-5.

The Broncos Women host Ambrose next on Friday, February 21st at 6:00 pm for the Graduating Student-Athlete Appreciation/Parent Appreciation Night.

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